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Bitcoin Cash is Terrifying

Bitcoin Cash is Terrifying

If you’re just joining the drama, Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin that was born on August 1st, 2017, as a result of a 4-year long feud between the different factions in Bitcoin.

In a nutshell, Bitcoin Cash continues the original vision of Bitcoin as Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash , while “Bitcoin Core” (what most people simply call ‘Bitcoin’ at the time of this writing) is transforming into a settlement layer with high fees and “second layer” solutions.

As many have opined, the splitting of the network is probably best for everyone. Both camps can pursue their own vision of Bitcoin.

You would think that everyone would peacefully go on their merry way...

So, Why is Bitcoin Cash Being Constantly Attacked?

To be fair, there is strong rhetoric and loud arguments continuing from both sides. However, the nature of the communication from each side is often of a completely different nature.

While ‘attacks’ on Bitcoin Core mostly consist of pointing out key facts and glaring contradictions, the attacks on Bitcoin Cash are mostly dishonest — sometimes blatantly dishonest and vicious.

I’ll give an example to prove my point…Also, it may be helpful to remember that one side engages in heavy handed censorship, while the other allows an open discussion.

Electron Cash

I maintain a Bitcoin Cash wallet called “Electron Cash”, which is quite popular because it doesn’t require you download the entire blockchain.

A few days ago, I noticed the website was down. Turns out the domain registrar paused it because of an “ICANN WhoIs Innaccuracy Complaint”.

Yes, I admit I made a mistake by not filling out the WhoIs information correctly. The error was corrected and the site is back.

Who would complain to ICANN and why?

Here Come the Trolls, Right on Cue…

When the site went down, I promptly took action, contacting the registrars to resolve the issue while making sure th...

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