Bitcoin Cash
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Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin 2.0:

1) Its already PROVEN bitcoin cash has the transaction capacity. On 8/15/2017, BCH handled more transactions than bitcoin ever did per block. The transaction capacity was tested and proven (which led BCH to it's all time highs) 2) 0-confirmations were reintroduced to Bitcoin Cash which was removed from BTC. 0-confirmations are nearly instant (because they are validated by nodes) and great for small purchases that don't need instant on-chain confirmation. The on-chain confirmation can happen later (minutes or more for example) 3) Transaction are cheap. Cost me 11 cents to transfer 5 BCH the other day! This was the bitcoin we all loved and that is back with shackles (Segwit/Segshit) removed. I'm already embracing the future with Bitcoin Cash and said goodbye to the past (BTC). Merchants and miners will do the same in time and Bitcoin once again will be allowed to run free as CASH.
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