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Celebrate Bitcoin Cash Day #BCHDay August 1st!

Please join us in the wonderful occasion of celebrating Bitcoin Cash! Hosted by CryptoCanal and Satoshi's Angels; This event looks to be one of the most exciting Virtual Meetups of the Year! With...
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Stop feeling sorry.

We all experience moments where we feel like the world is against us somehow. Sometimes that feeling lingers for a long time, other times it hits us like a storm, only to pass a brief moment later. A....
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Cryptocurrency Terms: Beginners

There's a bit of a language barrier between us and the no coiners and it's one that's growing by the day as new terms are invented. This is not good for a crypto adoption but thankfully the solution.....
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How I Tackle A Crypto Scammer!

I faced a dozens of scammers in just 6 months of my crypto journey. Mostly, they are on twitter. First they message you ask you about how you doing? And then they ask you about Bitcoin. Then they ask....