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Bitcoin Cash House Launches Crypto Hub in Venezuela

Bitcoin Cash House Launches Crypto Hub in Venezuela

A new crypto resource has emerged in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, for Venezuelans interested in learning about Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrencies. The project, called Bitcoin Cash House, is the brainchild of Roberto Garcia and is sponsored by and It exists as a physical location and online initiative, seeking to educate newcomers to the space on the acquisition, storage, and general use of crypto, as well as development and job opportunities.

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Welcome to the Cash House

Launched just days ago, on November 7, Bitcoin Cash House teaches people in Venezuela about the benefits of crypto. With the nation in a state of economic upheaval and political unrest, many Venezuelans are understandably concerned about finding ways to transact, send and earn money that are not dependent on the hyper-inflated bolivar or the whims of a volatile government.

A Reddit post detailing the launch by’s Matt Aaron describes Bitcoin Cash House as “A crypto education hub in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. A mall kiosk where local cryptocurrency advocates teach Venezuelans about the power of cryptocurrency.”

Some of the topics the Cash House will educate folks on include “How to send money to friends and family anywhere in the world instantly,” advantages of crypto over traditional money, how to store and spend crypto, “How to protect assets against volatility with SLP tokens including the USDH stablecoin,” and jobs in crypto as well as developer opportunities.

Though the launch was a challenging process, the crypto advocates involved saw it through. Aaron, host of the Humans of Bitcoin podcast, explains that “We at and did the easy part and got the sponsorship money. R...

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