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Hi guys, long term Reddit lurker, recent to crypto looking some thoughts (not financial advice ;) ) I've been buying since the start of the year, holding a few different alt coins with small cost but looking to make a more solid investment in something else. BCH was the coin I first purchased a fraction of, but then got caught up in the Doge hype for a bit. I know no one can predict what is going to happen, but I am kind of torn between ETH (which I already have £200 of) and BCH (only £20 of) for putting more into. I was until last night thinking of dropping another £400 on ETH this week but now I am not as sure These are hardly huge numbers! But I am investing what I can as I also save for doing a Masters next year when I will not be earning anything, which is really the point of all this. I'm trying to think of this in line with where the coins will be in 18 months from now really. I'd like to have money to put towards a house deposit with my partner and not have to start from scratch after spending everything I had saved to get me through the academic year allowing me to focus on my studies! With all the recent rise in BTC and general extra attention on crypto this year already, do you think BCH to say $8-10k in 18 months is feasible? Serious FOMO creeping in but like I said unsure weather ETH or BCH is the way to go Pulling the trigger on the £400 on BCH would have me nearly at 1 full coin before it went absolutely mad, which seems very possible Also - don't see too much info around on BTG, any thoughts on it? Worth buying 1 and holding? I know this is a BCH forum and all, but the opinions seem pretty grounded rather than fanboyish!
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