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BCH Developers Hold Open Livestream to Discuss May 2019 Hard Fork

BCH Developers Hold Open Livestream to Discuss May 2019 Hard Fork

January 7, 2019 by Jon Southurst

The next Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork and upgrade, scheduled for May 2019, will not be contentious. That’s according to a group of developers representing major software producers on the network, who held a livestream meeting this week.

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Open Communication Promotes Consensus Among Developers

Bitcoin Cash schedules two regular hard fork upgrades per year (meaning miners and nodes must update to the latest software version to remain compatible). While the term “hard fork” may evoke memories of infamous disagreements and coin splits for non-devs, such events only occur when there are fundamental disagreements over how a particular cryptocurrency should function.

That doesn’t appear to be the case for BCH this time. A list of the various proposals is available on GitHub.

Representatives from the various BCH development teams discussed the plans in a livestream video conference on January 3rd. The meeting, organized by David Allen of FVNI Development Society, included: Amaury Sechet, Antony Zegers and Jason Cox of Bitcoin ABC, CTO Emil Oldenburg, Bitcoin Unlimited’s Chris Pacia (also of OpenBazaar) and Andrea Suisani, and developer Mark Lundeberg. Outside viewers were also invited to watch and ask questions.

The recording of the livestream is available here, and viewable below:


The hope is that holding regular interactions (twice a month) will facilitate greater communication and cooperation between Bitcoin Cash’s development teams. Given the multi-team approach to BCH protocol development, misunderstandings or differences of opinion could escalate into another hard-fork situation of the type that saw nChain’s team splinter of...

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