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BCH and charity, is it possible?Discussion.

Hi! So I recently found this token that has been created with charity in mind or at least that’s the claim. I haven’t invested into it but I thought it’s a cool idea in and of itself. Their system uses a so called “charity wallet” from where 2% of the funds are donated monthly. I honestly have no idea who’s dealing with all the charity work but that’s not the point. The point is it’s a really cool idea and I wish BCH had a way to donate to charities of your choice monthly from a specific pool of resources (like only donate if income is >X for example and donate X% of the income). I think many people would like to have a hassle-free way of donating to the good cause with their funds. For this to happen of course there needs to be an agreement with those charities as well as some campaign that will promote this possibility but IMO, it’s possible. What I wonder is how many people would support something like this and what are your ideas for such a system? I don’t think there really needs to be any special incentive to donate, people should just be aware of the possibility and choose to donate on their own without any promise of bigger reward but that’s just my opinion on this matter. Someone else might think differently and prefer for such a system to have some kind of a reward and it may be all kinds of things like maybe discounts for certain places/services or merchandise. It’s a great PR move in my opinion and will also make some good for the world so it’s basically killing two birds with one stone. There are concerns about whether this will be viewed as a legitimate donation or not by the public and whether there will be speculations about money laundering and whatnot through these means but I suppose if this process has been made as transparent as possible, it wouldn’t be that big a problem? P.S. Here’s a link to that strange token: []( If it weren’t for the actual ability to buy this thing on PancakeSwap I would ...
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