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Babel Fish | Money Protocol | Public Sale Event at Sovryn Origin on 26th Aug

​ ​ 🔥 $FISH Public Token Sale: ​ Location: Sovryn Origins Platform $FISH for sale: 19,992,000 Percent of total supply: 4.76% $FISH Price: $0.11, priced in RBTC 48hrs before the sale Purchase limit: $3,000 in RBTC ​ Want to Know more about BabelFish ? ​ Like ​ Where is the sale? How to prepare for the sale ​ Visit this Blog : []( ​ What is Sovryn? ​ Sovryn was one of the successful public sale event, launched in April with $9 million in funding. Now Sovryn has an Origin Launched pad, and the first project on its origin page is BabelFiash a Money protocol. With the success of the Sovryn, BabelFish is also going to be one of the successful projects — ​ With the success of the Sovryn sales events on its platform and the 10x price increase of its tokens, I believe the BabelFish tokens sale event won’t last for much time, It will be sold out in mins. And the prices will be following the sovryn trend. So be prepared for this event, As one has missed the Sovryn launch, I'm sure no one dares to miss this amazing opportunity. ​ What is Babelfish? BabelFish is a cross-chain protocol that aggregates stablecoin liquidity from multiple issuers and chains into XUSD. Since its introduction via Sovryn, the aggregated token XUSD has reached over $10m worth of deposits, becoming the largest stablecoin on Rootstock. The protocol currently accepts major stablecoins from Rootstock, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. ​ How to get free FISH tokens Since the sale is taking place on Sovryn’s Origins Platform, there will be an airdrop of $FISH tokens to Sovryn Bitocracy stakers. These tokens will be distributed between fully vested, voluntary SOV stakers based on voting power. This means vesting SOV tokens are not eligible for the ai...
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