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👾 ARCADE TOKEN 👾 | First playable BSC Token| Fair Launch in 24hr! | FULLY DOXXED!

👾 ARCADE TOKEN 👾 BSC JACKPOT TOKEN ✈️Telegram group: (🐧Twitter: (🌐Website: (🔏Verified Contract!: ( human! Welcome to ARCADE TOKEN! The only playable jackpot token, where members can win a HUGE jackpot of tokens every week! 👾 What is $ARCADETOKEN? Arcade token is the FIRST token that allows members to win a jackpot of tokens every week. How? Easy. Members will have the chance to play an arcade game, where in case of being top 1, top 2, or top 3, they will win jackpot! Winners will be designed every week, and then the rank will be updated/cleaned/rebooted so everyone has a chance to win the next jackpot. Jackpot will be also “feeded” with fees from the token’s transactions, so it will never be zero! Jackpot prices are the following: 1st prize: 1.000.000 tokens 2nd prize: 500.000 tokens 3rd prize: 250.000 tokens 👾 Wallet distribution 90% tokens added to liquidity = Locked and Renounced! 10% tokens to jackpot wallet! 👾 Tokenomics Supply = $ARCADETOKEN Fees: a) Passive rewards: 5% fee is redistributed among token holders. -> Also goes to the jackpot wallet! b) Deflation: 2.5% fee goes to a burnt wallet. c) Liquidity: 2.5% fee goes to liquidity pool. Slippage: 11% to 15% 🕹Join us before we launch!🕹 Contract will be announced before launching!
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