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According to a recent CryptoGlobe interview with Roger Ver, soon we may be able to use the wallet to spend BCH at "just about every single major US merchant retailer", like Walgreens, Walmart, Safeway, Home Depot. "It will be available only on Bitcoin Cash, not on Bitcoin Core."


Roger Ver: Bitmain Holding 1 Million BCH is ‘Incredibly Bullish’ for Bitcoin Cash

CryptoGlobe caught up with Roger Ver at the World Blockchain Forum, he told CryptoGlobe how he discovered Bitcoin and why he has since switched his focus to Bitcoin Cash. We spoke about some of the most pressing issues facing Bitcoin Cash such as the possibility of a 51% attack because of its low hashrate compared to Bitcoin (at press time it is 7% of Bitcoin's).

Despite many analysts seeing Bitmain holding 1 Million BCH as a bearish sign, Roger views it as 'Incredibly bullish' and an endorsement from the biggest company in crypto.  Roger also mentioned his vision for and how he plans to promote Bitcoin Cash going forward.


How did you get into Bitcoin?

Roger Ver: 

I heard about Bitcoin for the first time on a radio show called 'Free talk live', which is a libertarian-oriented radio program out of the US and they were talking about it in reference to the Silk Road. And I personally wasn't interested in drugs at all myself but I thought, what the heck kind of money are they using to buy and sell these drugs on the internet. And so that's why I googled Bitcoin started looking into it. And I realized that this is going to change everything because now there's suddenly money that nobody can control and people can send and receive it with anyone. It's beyond the control of any bank or government or anyone. So it's a game changer for the entire world. And here we are today.


What do you think draws the average person to Bitcoin?


I think a lot of the early adopters are libertarian types who are opposed to government manipulating the money supply and controlling what people do with their own money. But more recently, I think   you have people that just find it ...

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