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[Academic] Is there a future in NFTS ? (All ages and gender) I am a student how currently writes his term paper on NFTs, i need some data to finish it, I would highly appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

Are NFTs here to stay ?

I am a student how needs some answers on a questionnaire for my term paper i would highly appreciate your help, tanks in advance.

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Banks services like vs the real deal.

I have a few satoshis in my bank account Wallet of Satoshi, and it is a bank because I don't control my private keys and I am not using the real Bitcoin either when I am using those services either. T...
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lmaooo these memes 馃ぃ馃ぃ

Zoomer loves crypto and wants a lambo soon. But his girlfriend is a bit worried. She asks, "you only invested what you can afford to lose, right?". But Zoome...
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BCH Network Discussion TUBRO EDIT: PMv3

I did my best to keep the meat of the discussion while cutting out as much time as possible. Watch at 1.25x for an even shorter, mostly intelligible experien...