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💲 A revolution of finance with a brand new type of synthetic asset: xBTC💲!

**Brand New Type of Synthetic Asset: xBTC** Did a bit of a deep dive on this one and wanted to pull out some parts of the white paper that kind of blew my mind: [xBTC]( is a brand new asset class that will revolutionize how individuals use digital assets. xBTC is completely synthetic and decentralized, it can be used without KYC, using a closed system, or providing collateral. [xBTC]( is an open market price on Bitcoin Dominance. Users can use this open market price to synthetically hedge against Bitcoin dominance rising or falling. They can also use this spot price to synthetically speculate on every single digital asset. It’s like a synthetic index of every digital asset other than Bitcoin. But the underlying assets are never held and there is no collateral restraint. xBTC’s fully synthetic nature allows it to be used at a scale the market deems necessary. Instead of tracking Bitcoin’s price, [xBTC]( tracks Bitcoin market dominance. This type of hedge is much more responsive and adaptive than a price hedge. Bitcoin’s price could stabilize, or even go up, and not keep up with the rest of the market. A Synthetic Dominance Hedge only takes into account how well Bitcoin is doing against other digital assets. [xBTC]( also acts like a synthetic tracker (index) of all digital assets. It connects the price movement of every digital asset to xBTC supply. This is the most diversified metric a token can track in digital assets, sans Bitcoin. The simplicity and accessibility of xBTC are unmatched. More information at [our website]( **Features of** [**xBTC**](**:** 1. **✅** Synthetically access Bitcoin Dominance; 2. **✅** A synthetic tracking of all digital assets versus Bitcoin; 3. **✅** A synthetic asset that rewards holders and community members; 4. **✅** An effective trading pair through a more stable spot price; 5. **✅** Simple one ...
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