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Buy, Sell or Exchange Cryptocurrencies for other Digital Currency or Traditional Currency. #BitBay

specialists and Bitcoin enthusiasts who are active in crypto community, attend industry conference events and support charity causes via meaningful fund donations to relevant Indian societies," he added.

With digitisation on the rise in India, one of the world's largest and fastest growing economies, cryptocurrencies can provide an edge to companies that have a global business model transgressing boundaries.

Rohit Dahda, BitBay India Head mentions, “We are bringing BitBay in India to facilitate the exchange and trade of multiple cryptocurrencies at our platform with 24/7 support to users, which is not available in any other platform right now."

"We are taking all necessary steps to adhere prescribed rules for BitBay India. In fact, we are offering demo trading for users before using real currency to bring a level of confidence in common people. Very soon, we will be bringing more features on the platform to cater to requirements of common people on a day-to-day basis. We are following a high-security model and following two-fold authentication models for safe transaction.”

BitBay aims to add more advanced features to its trading platform and over the next six months, extend its domain up to 17 cryptocoins.

The company has set up customer support via many channels: calls, online chats and e-mails.
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