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Python CLI to download Binance kline data in bulk - check it out and let me know what you think

Binance Downloader

Python tool to download Binance Candlestick (k-line) data from REST API

Originally forked from bullsignals/binance-downloader, that project does not seem to be maintained any longer and I wanted to actually make use of this project and allow others to contribute. At this point, I have re-written almost all the code from scratch, but would like to thank the original authors for their ideas that got me started.

Installation Prerequisites

You will need Poetry installed in order to install this package and run from the command line. Poetry is a Python package and dependency manager that makes installation and distribution really easy. Installation instructions can be found here for macOS/Linux/Windows

Verify Poetry installation $ poetry --version Poetry 0.12.10 Download and install Clone the repository $ git clone $ cd binance-downloader Activate your virtual environment

Poetry will try to automatically enable a virtual environment for you if it detects you are not already using one.

If you already use virtualenvwrapper (or similar), go ahead and make (or switch to) your working environment beforehand: $ mkvirtualenv binance-downloader or $ workon binance-downloader Install dependencies $ poetry install Installing dependencies from lock file Package operations: 12 installs, 0 updates, 0 removals - Installing six (1.12.0) - Installing certifi (2008.11.29) - Installing chardet (3.0.4) - Installing idna (2.8) - Installing numpy (1.15.4) - Installing python-dateutil (2.7.5) - Installing pytz (2018.7) - Installing urllib3 (1.22) - Installing logbook (1.4.1) - Installing pandas (0.23.4) - Installing requests (2.21.0) - Installing tqdm (4.28.1) - Installing binance-downloader (0.2.0) Using the Command Line Interface Show available options $ kline-binance --help usage: kline-binance [-h] [--start START] [--end END]...
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