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Hands-On Preview of Samsung's Galaxy S10 Phone Reveals New Crypto Details - CoinDesk

A hands-on preview of Samsung’s just unveiled flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, reveals new details of the device’s upcoming crypto features.

The first official specs of the phone were announced in the U.S. on Wednesday, but only brief mention was made of its ability to store cryptocurrency private keys.

However, in a piece for CoinDesk Korea, Park Geun-mo managed to review the device at Samsung’s flagship D’light store in Seocho-Gu, Seoul, where the tech giant often first showcases its latest products.

Launching the “Blockchain Keystore” app on the S10 displays a screen that says “Store your cryptocurrencies more securely,” along with a description of what you can do with the app.

As the image above shows, it broadly allows three features: payments to merchants, digital signatures and crypto storage and transfers. The phone’s full list of possible uses reads: secure distribution of data, insurance and contract verification, content copyright management, direct sharing of content, in-game goods ownership, digital asset management and transactions.

According to the app’s terms and conditions, the Blockchain Keystore generates and stores a private key based on blockchain technology in a secure enclave built into the device. It can securely sign and store cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain.

The term “devices” refers to mobile devices developed by Samsung Electronics such as smart phones and tablets, according to the T&Cs.

Effectively, CoinDesk Korea writes, the firm looks to be saying that Blockchain Keystore will potentially be able to be installed on all mobile devices developed and sold by Samsung Electronics, and possibly notebooks too, in the long term.

The phone’s T&Cs also state that third-party services provided by affiliates can also be used on the device and various blockchain-based decentralized applications (dapps) will eventually be able to be used on the Galaxy S10. No...

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