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Crypto Twitter Tries, Fails at Explaining Bitcoin (BTC) to J.K Rowling - Ethereum World News

In brief:

The critically acclaimed author of the Harry Potter series, J.K Rowling, tweeted that she would like to understand Bitcoin (BTC). Crypto twitter responded with numerous explanations. A fake twitter account mimicking the author claimed to have purchased BTC. In the end, J.K Rowling still did not understand Bitcoin.

What started off as an honest question by J.K Rowling about Bitcoin, has provided on of the best insight into the many hurdles of crypto and Bitcoin adoption. In a simple tweet, the critically acclaimed author of the globally known Harry Potter series requested an explanation of Bitcoin (BTC).

I don’t understand bitcoin. Please explain it to me. — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) May 15, 2020 Prominent Crypto Personalities Respond and Attempt to Explain Bitcoin

Several prominent crypto personalities responded to her call and attempted to explain the digital asset to Ms. Rowling. Some of the explanations and corresponding authors of them can be found below.

It’s a digital currency. There’s ~18m units of it. It’s not backed by anything, it’s just valuable because it is, like collectibles. There’s a network of computers (which anyone can join) that maintains a decentralized global excel spreadsheet of how many coins each person has. – Vitalik Buterin Contrary to popular belief #bitcoin is not “magic” money. We know that it can be hard to understand, so here’s a 5-minute explanation on what bitcoin really is and how it works! We hope this helps – theteam at Gemini Exchange Bitcoin is not magic, funny money. That’s the U.S. dollar and the Fed – Tyler Winklevoss It’s like real estate. Supply is limited and everyone wants more of it. Also it’s digital. – Udi Wertheimer I can send you 1 #Bitcoin. Seeing is believing. – Justin Sun It’s all ‘Blah Blah Blah’

The tweet by Ms. Rowling has since had thousands of replies and retweets. In one of her responses to the numerous offers to explain Bitcoin,...

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