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Captain Marvel Faces Boycott Backlash Over Brie Larson’s ‘Man-Hating’

Brie Larson is kicking off her publicity tour as the first female lead in a Marvel Comics movie with “Captain Marvel.” But she’s facing withering backlash and a boycott from some fans who are turned off by her man-hating rhetoric.

The boycott was launched by conservative author Jack Posobiec, a correspondent with One America News.

Posobiec started the Twitter hashtag Alita Challenge, urging his legion of social media followers to boycott “Captain Marvel” and see “Alita: Battle Angel” instead.

Conservatives are boycotting ‘Marvel Marvel’ for ‘Alita: Battle Angel,” which does not push feminist propaganda. (PR photos)

‘We Are Sick and Tired of SJW Politics’

Posobiec told CCN that Larson’s anti-male rhetoric and Marvel Studio’s injection of leftist politics into the action film is insulting and unwarranted. He underscored that movie fans go to the theater to be entertained — not to be indoctrinated and brainwashed with left-wing propaganda.

Posobiec, who has an infant son, says he launched the Captain Marvel boycott because it’s time to “stop giving money to people who hate us.”

The former U.S. Navy intelligence officer says Hollywood — which is overwhelmingly left-wing — needs to stop inserting divisive SJW (Social Justice Warrior) polemic into movies and TV shows.

Otherwise, consumers like him will vote with their feet by boycotting their movies, TV shows, and the corporate advertisers that sponsor them.

This Friday March 8 Send a message to SJW Hollywood Take the #AlitaChallenge — Author Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) March 4, 2019 Hating on White Men Is Trendy Among SJWs

Posobiec told CCN this constant male-bashing is an alarming pattern that has escalated and become normalized.

He’s actually correct. On movies, TV shows, and especially on social media platforms like Twitter, it’s acceptable to mock and trash men, especially white males.

But if men (par...

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