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Blockport: A Hybrid-Decentralized Social Cryptocurrency Exchange -

Bitcoin’s phenomenal success has made the society interested, and because of this, many would like to become involved in the cryptocurrency trading. But the complex presentation of this industry has made it an intricate system to comprehend and to utilize especially to those non-technical people. To resolve this difficulty, what everyone needs is a user-friendly crypto exchange that consolidates social trading with a hybrid-decentralized architecture to further assist with an assurance of reliability and safety. It is definitely what Blockport is aiming to solve and to develop.

What Is Blockport?

Blockport is known as a hybrid-decentralized exchange with a strong focused on user-friendliness, social trading features and creating a knowledge sharing community. It aims to promote an end-to-end trading platform that addresses the current problems by efficiently connecting proven technological, social and crypto industry concepts to generate an entirely new crypto trading experience.

It is not just the regular kind of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading platform. In particular, Blockport strives to achieve something considerably more impressive by tackling the essential pain points of mass adoption by bridging the high-tech blockchain world with the “real” world.

What Advances Blockport From Existing Exchanges?

Exchanges today such as Bittrex, Binance, or Kraken are centralized networks which come with a multitude of concerns that somewhat set the barrier for people to invest in cryptocurrencies. This complexity includes:

Lack of Liquidity Makes it difficult to trade and induces costs of investment to be higher because not enough people are getting and trading assets on the exchange.

Lack of Security The highly liquid and most selected exchanges are centralized exchanges that take their customers’ funds and have shown to be very receptive to internal scam and external hacking.

Lack of Transparency Apart from hidden l...

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