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Binance Exchange security hacked tickets 844287 and 813255 ticket 844287 and 813255

Hi Binance support and all, ticket 844287 and 813255 I raised the below issue almost a month ago. Since then, I haven't gotten any clear explanations but simply I was asked to reactivate my account. Today I tried to change my password while I am still awaiting any support or solutions from BInance. Now it says 'this account has been banned from use'. I didn't get any notification. I lost money and trust in Binance. The below is the original inquiry which I made on the day that hacking incident occurred. If Binance support sees this, please advise me of this ASAP. A month has already passed since the incident. It looks like you have banned my account from use. How come you could do this to me? I want my trades/money back plus your detailed explanations about this. ------Original inquiry on the day the incident happened----- Hi, This is quite serious. Today at home when I was away for 15 mins in the toilet. Someone sold my NANO and GRS trades in BTC and transferred that BTC coins to his or her address. I coudln't believe this can happend remotely . I didn't install anything or whawt soever. Is this a security breach on Binance? I????? The below is the detail of the trades done by someone else (I reckon remotely or else where???) and the unauthorised withdrawal of that speificifed BTC amount (0.18833). Please investigate and advise. I cannot lose this money for the reason I haven't done wrong. If you look at the last login. It was done by someone in the U.S. but I am in Australia. 04-19 00:50:58 NANO/BTC Limit Sell 0.0008125 0.0008121 121.87 121.87 0.0990072 -- Filled 04-19 00:50:21 GRS/BTC Limit Sell 0.00016679 0.00016679 540 540 0.09006660 -- Filled 04-19 00:50:12 GRS/BTC Limit Sell 0.00016680 0.00016680 -- 540 -- -- Canceled Last login 2018-04-19 00:49:19 New York City United States ----->how come someone in the U.S (NEW YORK) can do this??????????/ Completed BTC 0.18839939 2018-04-19 00:51:35 Address: 14AxKCGYoyoMjwubbgf8aWwiUXFf7gMjFN Tx...
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