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Abysmal Experience with Binance Support. Is there anyone who can help?

I have had a VERY difficult time trying to get any real help from Binance support lately. It seems that my issue -- a legitimate issue which is not addressed by their FAQ -- has been routinely dismissed my support personnel. *In almost every case, my support case is either automatically or manually closed and assigned to the black hole known as "KA" from which no support case will apparently ever escape.* I will concede that on 2 out of the dozen or so support cases I've filed, an agent made an attempt at starting to resolve my issue, but then they reassigned my issue to "KA" before ensuring that the issue was fully resolved. I would simply like someone to work with me on a resolution to this issue instead of effectively ignoring my support requests. **Is there someone on this forum with any connections with the Binance support team who can help me to get this issue resolved?** For those who may be curious, the issue I have is that I'm trying to complete the corporate identify verification, but a bug on Binance's end appears to be preventing me from completing the process. I don't expect support agents to be capable of resolving technical issues, but I would expect them to help customers arrive at a satisfactory solution.
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