Sprouting and Wallet questions

Bean CashBean Cash
5Y Ago
Couple questions that hopefully someone can answer. I'm new to cryptos and BitBean, but not sure about a few things. 1) I've got the BitBean wallet running on my Linux Laptop, got it all synced and have sent some BitBeans to my wallet which showed up in about a minute! It is much faster than BTC's!!! So question is about sprouting. Is it possible to run the wallet from a Raspberry Pi 3, to be sprouting, yet also access that same wallet from my laptop? Or would I have to have that as a separate wallet that is sprouting, then send the sprouted beans to my laptop wallet after they've sprouted? Reason being that I don't want to keep my laptop running all the time to keep the wallet open. If I could just have a Raspberry Pi 3 running, it could keep a wallet open and allow for sprouting. 2) As alluded to in the previous question, has anyone gotten the BitBean wallet to install on a Raspberry Pi 3? Thanks for any help you can give.