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Battle of the Privacy Coins: Update 1 - Tough Week for Bytecoin

Battle of the Privacy Coins: Update

Week 1


For the original announcement post for the Battle of the Privacy Coins, please visit this link.

Image Source Biggest Gain

Loki Network saw a roughly +20% increase from $0.117653 to $0.141341.

Biggest Loss

Bytecoin saw a drop of roughly -12% from $0.00057694 to $0.00051040.


A Chinese Monero community have translated the Mastering Monero book into Chinese and is readying the book for publication. Monero is now accepted at Travala, which means you can now book hotels using Monero.

Reddit user fluffy_doggy posted a list of the Top 100 Richest Monero Addresses, with all data fields lacking values and simply showing a question mark.

Dash has had a great week in terms of adoption of currency from both merchants and ATMs. Dash’s recent partnership with IQ CashNow, a popular e-commerce platform, aims to bring the privacy coin to a much larger audience.

With now over 700 ATMs globally accepting Dash, it’s estimated that 1 in 10 cryptocurrency ATMs globally provides exposure to the Dash cryptocurrency.

Electric Coin Company announced to both the community and the Foundation that months of trademark negotiation with the Zcash Foundation had fallen through.

The Zcash Foundation awarded a bounty, totaling 1170 ZEC ($55,000) to ZecWallet’s light client project. A light wallet reduces the time it takes to download and sync to the blockchain, making it easier for newcomers to get started.

Bytecoin’s Zero Public Beta was released this week. Bytecoin Zero is a browser-based wallet for the Bytecoin platform — this allows users to access BCN straight from their browser without needing to open their desktop wallet, without any compromises to security.

Bytecoin Zero was designed with a few key concepts: zero trust operation, mobile-first approach, and adaptability.

It was a big week of Atomic Swaps for the Komodo team. Komod...

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