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Lets talk "BARTERNODES", its all about decentralization for a Barter System.

Hi PC888,

I am very interested in this project and have been accumulating BATA for some time now - I especially like its low market cap and limited amount of coins on offer (even when the new coins begin to be distributed). I am new to bitcointalk as you can tell from my post count ha! I originally joined to get get free coins from Deeponion but I found out I wasn't eligible so I thought I would search for Bata and ended up reading the whole 134 pages!

I normally trade ASX on technical analysis but have started to invest in cryptos on a fundamental basis as well due to my personal time restraints.

It looks like you have been developing this coin for some time now and have put a lot if hard work into it. I am excited about the future of this coin and the platform once it gets going. With a market cap this small I believe there is huge money to be made in time. I will continue to accumulate for now and am looking forward to becoming a Masternode when you launch that application.

There is one thing I would say though: maybe the development of an offical 'Youtube video' simplifying what you set out in the white paper could be of assistance and help gain wider attention. I know you are probably too busy for that right now but just an idea - I think a lot of investors go to youtube as a research tool nowadays because lets face it we are getting lazier : hell even I am to blame!

All the best and I am looking forward to future updates .



Thanks for your support. Great suggestion, a Youtube video is definitely on the to do list.
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