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You may know me or my work from the older 'New Tab' wallpapers, I want to thank Brave and their BAT token for introducing me to the world of crypto, without it I wouldn't have learned about NFTs

Thank you to the Brave team for guiding me and my art into the crypto-digital realms. You may know my photos from the older versions of Brave browser. That partnership with Brave has had me on the path to seeking out a way to make a living selling photography and digital art without a boss and I'm happy to say I recently minted my first real [NFT photo on Foundation]( (bellow). I appreciate this community and everything I learned here. I'm really excited about the fundamental changes to the concept of ownership that are happening for artists (and looking forward to the sustainability that ETH 2.0 will usher in for transactions on the Ethereum network). Now the only thing I wish Foundation had was the ability to bid with BAT right from the browser (wink wink dev team). Love ya all, w
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