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Why I Belive In Brave and BAT (The Future of Internet)

I’ve read some pessimistic comments about Brave and BAT. They said that BAT is nothing more than just an ad blocker token and it has no future. They argued that Google Adsense pays creators way more than BAT tips. So, finally they said Brave and BAT have no future. Creators won’t use them because of the low tips. What do I think about this? Well, that’s 100% true that for now, Google Adsense pays creators more than BAT tips. The average CPM in the USA is between $2 - $8. It means that for 1000 views, you will get between $2 - $8 (depends on location and your niche). BAT tips pay me less than that amount for now. But does that mean I have a doubt on the future of BAT? On the contrary, I strongly believe in BAT. Here’s my argument. The more people use Brave, the more advertisers will come to Brave (more eyeballs = more ads), the higher the value of BAT itself. Let’s say 1 BAT equals to $10. If I use Google Adsense, from 1000 views I only got $8 (gross revenue before YouTube takes a cut) at max. But with the same views, if there’s only 1 person gives me a tip using BAT, I make $10. More than what I make from Google Adsense! What if 2,3,4 people give me a tip? You do the math. But how to make sure that I will get a tip from my audience? Content and community. Brave will FORCE content creators to make more and more HIGH QUALITY content (not cheap, click bait content) and build their own community. Isn’t that what YouTube is all about? High-quality content and community. So, by using Brave, you are taking part in building a better internet without giving up your privacy. Welcome to the future of internet with Brave :) ​ “**Ok, genius. But what can I do TODAY to increase the value of BAT?**” you ask. Two ways. Use the power of “word of mouth” to promote Brave and use BAT to support the creators you love! Word of mouth is the best marketing tactic. Spread the words about Brave and BAT to everyone you know. And more importantly, use BAT to tip the creators yo...
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