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When BAT breaks ATH, remember that the panic sellers will be losing money in the long run!

It's possible that BAT could break it's ATH (All-time high for newcomers) in the very near future. If it does, there will likely be a bunch of people who panic sell. Sure, it's totally possible BAT could go down again for a while, but in the long-term it's going to go up. Impulse sellers will make a little bit of money short term, but will miss out on the major long-term gains. Remember all the redditors who made panic posts when we went up from $0.70 to $1.00. All the redditors who sold after a short rise in price. None of them profited off of the rise up to $1.40 last month. Some even FOMOd (Fear of Missing Out) themselves into buying back into BAT at $1.40, only to see it drop where they just panic sold again. It's best to periodically buy small amounts of BAT over time and hold for the long term rather than to risk losing a bunch of money trying to time the market. This is true for the stock market, and considering crypto is ridiculously more volatile than stocks, this is ABSOLUTELY true for crypto. Ask yourself whether you think BAT has a serious use case, whether the public loves it, and whether adoption/usage will drastically increase in 1-5 years. Since in my opinion (and many others here) believe the answers to these three things are yes, we're in for the long haul with no plans to sell. If you feel similar, buy in slowly over time, and enjoy our mutual ride to the moon and beyond! ----- **EDIT:** If BAT ends up NOT breaking ATH, panic selling will lose you money too for the same reason. If you believe in BAT based on the extremely brief analysis above, just stop checking charts everyday, hold your BAT, and make sure you keep clicking those Brave Ads. Time in the Market > Trying to Time the Market
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