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We Need a Weekly Brave/BAT Development Newsletter. No More Major Announcements in Reddit Comments.

Brave/BAT is a major company now boasting 20% of Mozilla Firefox's users. There is absolutely no reason why there should not be both a specific webpage and an email newsletter going right now keeping us up-to-date on new features, major events (i.e. Solana Breakpoint), and general news. The CEO Brendan Eich had a product-revolutionizing talk at Solana Breakpoint a couple weeks ago, and most of this sub found out about it 30 minutes before thanks to a text post. We found out about "Pay With BAT" from someone's Reddit comment about an offhand comment made in a Community Call (which are awesome, but very very VERY few people actually have the time to come watch basically a Zoom call, much less actually join it). Please either pick up a couple interns or if you're really desperate, run a community contributor program and get this off the ground. ----- **You all have an incredible product with incredible potential.** **Tell us about it. Get us excited about it. Build your momentum and treat Brave like a big deal because it is one.**
Go to self.BATProject
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