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TOP 3 ALTs for 2020 (NEO is one of them!)

Picking #cryptocurrencies that are likely to succeed starts with the PEOPLE.These top projects have huge communities, plenty of developers, deep pocket investors and everything on the line!Use and use cases are leading the pack in #crypto and these 4 (yup! It's a 4 for 3 video) are the top projects looking to make a splash in 2020.$ETH Ethereum 2.0 Build Toward Staking and Scaling-$BAT Basic Attention Token Proving their Product (BRAVE browser) and building for the future.-$NEO Neo 3.0 is the next level of the "Chinese Ethereum". Solving all the issues including scaling, cost, and utility.-$ADA Cardano Incentivised Staking on Testnet moving into MainNet 2020.- FOR A FREE ACCOUNT ON TRADECRYPTOLIVE.NET TO ACCESS OUR 100% FREE TRAINING! would love the opportunity to help you become successful in the crypto market. Try our free training course, browse our website, and join our 5,000+ strong community of like minded individuals on Facebook to see for yourself just how dedicated we are. Updates on technical and fundamental analysis to keep you on track with your trading and investing. Trade Crypto Live supports all your cryptocurrency needs with two live rooms, 6 days a week, cryptocurrency trader training and of course hours of free content.Web: Continue on

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