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Tips not coming through

Hello, I am trying to tip myself with _ad earnings_, not grants, to backup my Android balance towards my desktop/uphold. I do need to reset my phone and don't want to lose the balance. The tips never show up in the creater dashboard. 1) The funds are marked as ad earnings. I'm aware that tipping grants is block/not permitted. "Durch Werbung erhalten" translates to "Earned thorugh advertisements". No expiration date given (e.g. grant funds). The image is from before trying to tip. 2) I tried to tip my Youtube channel around a week ago with a 10 BAT and 1 BAT tip. Neither showed up in the creator dashbaord but were deducted from my balance on android. In the past (Nov '19), tipping this channel worked. 3) I tried to tip a seperate "dummy" YT channel linked to my creator account with 1 BAT ~4 days ago and 5 BAT today, again neither came through but were deducted. 4) Since I don't own a website and Reddit/Twitter/Twitch tipping isn't available on Android, Youtube seems to be the only way. What's going on, what do I do, any ideas? Thanks sincerly //Update: All 4 tips just came through at the same time. An additional 5th tip I just send also came through immediately! Thanks for the quick help //Update 2: Got everything transferred over now, all went through quick and without problems, great!
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