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This is my last piece of this collection ($BAT Dune collection). Thank you and Happy Holidays.

This is the 27th piece and the final one, the initial plan was to make one each day until day 25, although, since most of you won't be online tomorrow I feel like today's the best day for the finale. Thank you all for your support, kind comments, suggestions and overall appreciation, it does make my day at times and surely motivates me to do more! **Some of you asked along the way if any of this will be turned into merch, NFTs or any other.** **Here're our plans:** \-We plan on releasing a few pieces for merch, T-shirts, sweaters and any other fashion item we see fit (feel free to suggest where you'd like to see them on)! \-NFT's are also on our plans, I'll be personally curating 12 artworks out of this collection, which include the first 2 artworks I did live on the weekly $BAT community call that we'll giveaway at launch! \-Live exhibition on the Metaverse, this was [**u/CryptoJennie**]( idea and I personally love it. And once more if there's any other idea you might have I'd love to hear it, so feel free to comment it below or shoot me a DM either here or on [Twitter]( **What's Next?** I really enjoyed the dynamic of working live during the community calls, although it's a bit limiting, as at the moment I can only work on Illustrator and I really want to go back to my pen on paper style. I'll be trying and investing on getting everything up to my standards so I can stream live works more easily and in HQ, so I can be the first BraveTalk streamer (that I know of) lol. Next year I'll work on a new collection, very likely it won't show daily but I'll try to get a routine for posting, ie; every Monday's you can see a new Artworks here, Tuesdays live drawing on the community calls, Wednesday's taking suggestions, or something alike! [Mandatory Holiday song, sorry and Thank you!]( \-Guilherme Pantoja https://preview....
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