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The Basic Attention Token needs a name change

Lately there has been a lot of discussion as to whether the name Basic Attention Token (i.e., BAT) should be changed. I think this is warranted, primarily due to the following points: 1. BAT should be more Brave-focused. Plenty of people use Brave without any clue regarding BAT/crypto. Changing the name could help people become more aware of the Brave/BAT ecosystem as a whole. While BAT will ultimately be used outside the Brave system, that goal is still a long ways off. In the meantime, it'd be useful to make BAT more Brave-oriented. 2. Greater emphasis on rewards is needed. The purpose of BAT as being a reward for participating in the Brave ecosystem, and for rewarding (tipping) others within the ecosystem should be evident in the name. While attention (i.e., ads) is one use case, it does not quite convey the entire purpose of BAT. 3. Fairness & friendliness to non-crypto audiences. Recently Japan changed the name of their version of the token from BAP (Basic Attention Points) to BAT. However, the term "points" rather than "token" seems better. "Points" is more reward-oriented and less suggestive of crypto, which may make it seem more user-friendly to those not familiar with crypto. Moreover, it's unfair to expect the Japanese to be the only ones to have to undergo a name change. Having considered these points, I suggest we change the name to the "Brave-rewards attention points", or BRAP for short. It's Brave oriented, reward focused, and catchy. If you agree with BRAP, please give this post an upvote. A note to the Brave staff, the first one is free, but you are welcome to hire me if more help with marketing is required.
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