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Sharing some of my concerns regarding the BAT and the project

Hey community, before you guys start hammering me and start disagreeing to what I have to say. Let me just inform you all that a significant amount of my crypto portfolio is held in BAT. I believe in the team, and feel as so there is a massive potential upside. However, I am not a blind follower, and like to critically analyze any crypto project that I invest in, and based on that I have the following two major concerns: 1. To begin with, the project won't really take off until there are huge fortune 500 companies advertising on Brave browser. For them to be attracted to Brave, they will obviously do a simple ROI calculation. The reason Google and Facebook are gigantic companies and almost every fortune 500 company advertises on their platform is because our data is extremely valuable to the advertisers, and the advertisers are willing to pay top dollar to serve us highly targeted ads, it is because it works and converts. Now with Brave, this individual's data will not be accessible, rather the ads will be shown based on group interests. This model may have significantly lower ROI to the advertiser than the Facebook & Google model. So in the long run, they'll have more of their advertising budget allocated to Facebook and Google. Point being, the ROI for advertisers from using Brave Ads must be very competitive when compared to the results they get on Facebook and Google for instance. 2. Secondly, people on Brave view and click on the ads to receive the BAT rewards, they are incentivized to engage with the ad. This just means that people aren't necessarily interested in the products or services that the advertiser wans to offer rather people just want their BAT rewards. So overall, if this entire ecosystem isn't profitable for the advertiser at the moment, it won't thrive imo. I mean just think about it from an advertisers pov, would you as an advertiser want people engaging with your ads just because they'll get some rewards, and in true sense they aren't even int...
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