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September Payout Questions

On collecting my September rewards, only a portion of my BAT went from estimated pending rewards into my wallet. Why? Also, what are grants? As far as I know, I've only been awarded BAT from Brave Rewards, but it looks like I've received several grants? Are grants another way of saying BAT payouts? But isn't the term grant also used in other contexts with BAT in the past? For example, some people were given a grant of BAT for some reason in the past? When I drag the BAT icon to receive my BAT payout, does this message ever change? I went through it quickly this time because it's been the same each time, but I kind of just glazed over it and did it twice (I messed it up?), then I saw two options to drag it to and this is when it mentioned grant... I'm just curious if this message changes and if I can read it. What I'm really trying to get at is, is there any option or penalty during this moment?
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