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Saving browser/BAT in case hard drive crash for everyone - including those w/o enough BAT to open wallet

I just saw a post about someone recovering their bookmarks from a hard drive crash & it made me think about what would happen if I lost my current browser with a years worth of BAT. IDK how many people are like me and don't have a wallet & their BAT are only stored on the browser, but I need to take some steps here b/c I already went through this once as I lost all my BAT from my previous first year of using BAT. So I'd like to put forth a few questions that I hope will cover most everyone who may be in a similar situation: \*I know some of these questions could be avoided by telling the user to just open a wallet/account, but I know there are people who will avoid this or are not able to at the time, so they need options besides that at least temporarily. Is there a way to save or back up the browser so the BAT info is somehow saved & if possible, include user profile/bookmarks. Ideally how this is done on Windows/Linux/Apple & iOS & Android versions. ​ Is there a way to recover BAT from an old hard drive such that the drive is readable for contents but may not be bootable to the original OS. So it can be mounted & read & the browser files (and whatever) can be accessed. ​ Can BAT be transferred to another device that uses Brave? I have most BAT on my PC but also have Brave on my phone, tablet, laptop & other PC's. Could any of these receive my current BAT from my main PC?
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