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Riding "The Social Dilemma" Wave

Hello! As some of you may be aware, Netflix launched a new documentary called "The Social Dilemma". It is a very well made piece that focus on the dangers and real life consequences of these highly sophisticated for-profit algorithms used by these gigantic social media companies. The way it is portrayed is that those companies collect so much data about us and the AI has been trained to hijack our mind and exploit the psychological flaws of our human nature to give us content and ads to maximize metrics like screen time, growth of users and revenue per user. So it turns out that the change in behavior that those algorithms is provoking has a critical role in the: \-increased levels of anxiety and depression among the young and its suicide rate. \-dissemination of fake news (turns out they spread 6x better than true news because fake news are more clickable so they get recommended more by the algorithm) which is eroding the social fabric of society by increasing echo chambers and feed us into feedback loops which is making it easier and cheap for populists to rise and conspiracy theorists to thrive. In countries like Myanmar it is believed that the spread of conspiracy theories on social media by government officials and extremists has been the cause for the mass killings of the Rohingya (a minority Muslim group). So how is this relevant to this subreddit, you may ask? This documentary may put this theme under tighter public scrutiny and finally push it into creating meaningful regulation (the same way as other documentaries brought attention to the fact that companies were getting data from users without real consent and that resulted in the RGPD with the help of Dr. Johnny Ryan sponsored by Brave). So why not ride the wave and expand the Brave concept of protecting users to expand beyond just the browser and create a social platform that would stick to the primary purpose of connecting the world without vicious algorithms that exploit our emotions and flaws b...
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