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[Question] How can I maintain my rewards balance for this month's earnings when installing a new OS?

Hey Everyone, I apologize if this has been covered to death, as i'm new to this subreddit and I couldn't find definitive answers to this question in my limited research. I'm about to upgrade my computer to Windows 10 shortly , but I can't seem to find a definitive guide on how to retain my BAT rewards for this month's earnings. I have taken the necessary steps to ensure I properly backed up the seed associated with my wallet, but as there is no sign-in for Brave itself (Only Uphold), how do I ensure my earnings will not be lost when I reinstall windows and eventually reinstall brave? Will the seed be enough? Or are there additional steps I need to take? I remember attempting to link accounts on the mobile browser after the launch of 1.0, and could not do so then either. I have to be missing something, as they wouldn't release a browser without any way of signing back in after hardware failure, reinstalls, etc.
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