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Phone dying - is self-tipping my website to store BAT ok?

Hi BAT community! My 5 year old Android phone is slowly dying and I'm afraid of losing my 200+ BAT I accumulated over the years once it won't boot anymore. I don't have an Uphold account. I'm already using Coinbase and don't want to KYC with another service. I'd prefer waiting for Coinbase integration. (Is there any news on that btw? Last time I read a post from a team member on this a couple of months ago it said it is planned but wasn't more specific.) I own a website which is verified for the Creators program. 1. Is it ok to tip my earned BAT to my own website? 2. Is it safe to store them this way until CB integration happens or are there any negative effects? 3. Do I have other/better options? Thanks a lot!
Go to self.BATProject
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