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NUMBERS (I put some work into this)

**Disclaimer: Ads as in ad notifications not ad backgrounds or anything else** **Disclaimer 2: These calculations are mostly based on the month of May in West Europe** **Disclaimer 3: Ads per hour = APH** **Disclaimer 4: I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes in this one, please correct me :)** ​ **Release (Max 5 ads per hour \*atm\*)** Max 5 APH on Brave Release, let's say on average 2.5 APH This all depends on different factors but just for the purpose let's say it's randomness. Sometimes you get 5 but that is really rare. Based on my stats, in May 2021 West Europe, I got around ( 2.250 BAT in my wallet for that month/ 181 ads ≈ ) 0.0124 BAT per ad. This number is normal according to the rest of this sub on average. But the number on how many ads you get is up to you and the system. ​ **ASSUMING YOU GET 2.5 ADS PER HOUR ON AVR** *0.0124 BAT x 2.5 x 6 (the time in hours, you have the browser open, ( on average)) ≈ 0.186 BAT per day* *0.186 BAT x 356 ≈ 66.22 BAT per year* *66.22 / 12 ≈ 5.52 BAT per month...* ​ **ASSUMING YOU GET THE REALISTIC AMOUNT ADS PER HOUR ON AVR (in May)** But the thing is I only got 2.25BAT so I do **some reverse calculations.** As you can see some of those other numbers pulled by random content creators are not realistic because even if you put it on 5 max APH you won't get that. **And that isn't a problem!** 2.25 BAT x 12 *≈* 27 BAT per year 27 BAT / 356 *≈* 0.08 BAT per day ​ But how many ads are 0.08 BAT? Well, 0.08/ 0.0124 *≈* 6.5 ads per day (6 hours) 6.5 / 6 *≈* 1.08 (APH) ​ Now for the Brave Nightly version. In this version, you choose to get up to 10 APH The thing is I haven't used Brave Nightly for a month so I don't know the number. It can go from 0.08 BAT (1.08 APH, like the release version, to 10APH) It is hard to predict how much it is. It really depends on where you are, when you are browsing and maybe even what you are browsing (not 100% sure about that one though...
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