March payment gone

self.BATProject2m ago
Hey guys, so this is whats up, april 9 i stopped receiving ads and earning money and i thought it was weird, still wasn't verified so went ahead and registered in gemini, couldn't connect at the time with brave wallet because i was still unverified, 2 days ago i receive gemini email saying the verification was accepted and went to connect the accounts and it appeared the warning saying i was flagged, shortly after and april 12 i start receiving ads again so i thought hey maybe im not flagged anymore (there was no reason why to anyway) and went to connect the gemini account and puff just like that the march bat payment that had a warning too saying it was yet to arrive had been gone, no bat and no warning, shortly after i went to gemini account to see if it was there and nothing was in the portfolio, today i decide to take a look and there's 1.25 bat in my gemini portfolio and i was to receive almost 4 bat (3.85-3.9 i think). Can anyone help me receive the full payment, i know it's almost nothing but it was well earned, i can provide many info? Thanks