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IT WORKS!!! BALANCES of BAT, Brave Browser rewards and Uphold wallet - Pleasant surprise.

I started using @brave Browser a few months ago and went through the usual setup and wallet activation. Ever since setting up I only used Brave browser even on my mobile devices and I have consistently been referring and even installing the Brave Browser on ALL my clients machines as I do IT support and various online services so I do have access to quite a number of clients machines and so I took it upon myself to introduce every single client I dealt with to Brave Browser as I do believe in the browser and think it is one of the best new comers for a variety of reasons we all know. After setting up my @uphold wallet I thought nothing of it, as I thought it would probably end up like so many platforms I got into from the start that pretty much died and took what little investment I had made with it. I slowly started seeing my BAT earnings go up from referrals I would assume as the ads are not available in my country currently. Still not to bothered I continued with the general referrals and introduction of my friends, family and clients to Brave Browser. To my pleasant surprise, after a few months of doing this, I just happened to go onto my @uphold wallet as a matter of interest and curious to see what progress if any I had made, I found that I had earned a substantial amount of BAT paid out in BTC after realising then that the uphold wallet now allowed the transfer of that earning into any 3rd party wallet or withdrawal as well. **I have tested the withdrawal and also transfer of BAT/BTC i earned into various wallets and it works like a charm :-)** WOW!! this is so amazing that it actually works and I am earning real crypto from referrals I am so happy to report this is 100% legit and works like a charm. I will continue promoting Brave Browser(I believe in product) and also sing Uphold Wallets praises for pulling it off without any incident. I LOVE Brave browser, BAT and Uphold you have restored my faith in new projects and platforms. Just my experience, I ...
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