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It's Time for "Pay With BAT" (And a BAT API) to Become a Major Priority

Before we get into the meat of this, we've got three real "pre-requisites" before "Pay With BAT" becomes a possibility. * A modern in-browser wallet. The announcement is looking really nice, and I have no doubt this will continue to be refined and polished over time. * Gemini on Android. Coming in Q1 2022. Frankly there is no reason Uphold should honestly even be considered anymore. Provide users their BAT Rewards either directly to Gemini or their Brave wallet. (Full disclosure, I've been gone for a few days and I think your Gemini account and Brave Wallet will be two separate things) * Brave Rewards (and Gemini) on Apple. Indefinitely on hold by Apple thanks to their garbage policies. This one is on you guys (Apple users) to loudly and consistently complain to Apple. Brave has no power here. ----- Anyways, once we've got all our pre-requisites in line, it's 100% time to start pushing HARD for "Pay With BAT". If you're new to my posts, basically Brave/BAT currently has the following system in place: * Companies purchase ad campaigns from Brave * Brave uses 70% of the funding to reward users for viewing ads by paying them in BAT * Brave keeps 30% to fund the browser * Users pretty much sit there accumulating BAT, getting scammed out of it by Uphold, or tip a couple Youtubers/organizations Honestly this is pretty bad for Brave. It needs to be a BIG TIME PRIORITY to start with the companies paying for Brave Ads. The team needs to call these Brave Ads companies up and get them to implement accepting BAT as payment. Sure, these ad campaigns are still immensely successful for companies, but imagine if Brave users could buy the cool products these companies are advertising right there with the BAT they are earning. Absolutely enormous potential for BAT. ----- Let's take it a step further for a second. Now that the Brave Wallet is a thing, there is no reason that individual apps shouldn't be able to hook up to it through a Brave/BAT API. Imagine if yo...
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