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Is it currently not possible to sync up Brave Rewards between Windows and Android?

I'm new to Brave and to the BAT ecosystem. I've used the browser on PC for the last few weeks and now I'd like to start using it on my Android phone as well. I've installed it and synced it up with my PC, so I can now share bookmarks, internet history, etc between my devices. What I don't get is wether this process has synced my BAT Wallet as well. According to Brave Rewards, I'm currently expected to be rewarded 2.020 BAT on June 6th, but this only according to my desktop browser. My mobile browser displays estimated earnings of 0 BAT, since I've just started using it. Does this mean that Brave Rewards cannot be synced up? Or peraphs it already is and after getting my earnings next week I'll be able to access my funds between my mobile phone and my PC without problems? I'm pretty confused, because there are video tutorials on YouTube which show that all you have to do to sync wallets is to sync your Brave istances, but those videos are usually pretty old and I've also found posts that suggest that synced wallets aren't a thing as of now. Was this a feature that was later removed, or something like this? Thanks for your help :)
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