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Imagine for a moment. This could be the future of Brave, Brave Wallet, and BAT.

So let's pretend that the Brave Team has figured out how they are going to solve the Ethereum gas fee problem. Let's pretend that you've got your own Brave Wallet (separate app in the future???) and you're actively receiving your BAT rewards there. Perhaps the Brave/BAT team has made enough progress now in our imaginary future that the Pay With BAT API has been rolled out too, so you're earning BAT from ads in other places like mobile app ads, etc. Long story short, you've got a wallet getting regularlly topped off with a nice bit of BAT. ----- So I'm browsing Youtube and I get this video linked over in the Recommended Feed: [Paying for coffee with Bitcoin at McDonald's in El Salvador. Very simple fully automated process.]( Disclaimer: It's not my video But I watched this through and seeing the news about Regal Cinemas starting to accept BAT as payment, I thought "Damn this is pretty cool!". Imagine for a moment that instead of BTC, you can walk up to your local fast food kiosk, grocery store self-checkout, gas station pump, etc. and pay for your purchase with your Brave Wallet using BAT. This is the future of Web 3.0 and the future of what's coming with Brave's Wallet and Brave's Pay With BAT. BAT is going to become the new way that business is done on the new internet. No other coin is accomplishing what BAT is right now and certainly no other coin is anywhere near BAT's incredible use case. ----- **EDIT:** Sometimes, some of you all go insane over a video link. It's literally like ~90 seconds long. You'll be fine. It's actually pretty cool. **TL;DR:** Video:
Go to self.BATProject
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