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If Brave developed an E-Mail service that only costs $1 per month, would you use it?

Title says it all. I'm not crypto / security savvy, so I don't have anything new to add to the conversation, just figured it'd be an interesting discussion to have / see what people think. I'd definitely pay $1 per month to use a service, that'd be awesome; although it's a simple price, imagine if even *half* of the Daily Active Users decided to as well. A very good revenue source for the Brave team, could be used to fund Brendan Eich's 500 IQ brain ideas and topple google to the ground even faster, no? So yeah, would *you* spend $1 per month? Or even more? Do you think this would even be a feasible idea? **What type of features would you like to see in a Brave email service?** Gimme ur thoughts
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