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I've got an idea at a large demographic that could potentially pick up Brave enmasse. Please let me know your opinion!

I'm not from the US, and am not political. However I had the US election pretty much thrown in my face through all media. I noticed there seems to be a fair bit of heat on big tech and social media coming from one side in particular. I have always noticed Usonian's (very generalized observation) are incredibly suceptible to 'bandwagoning'; jumping on something because everyone else is doing it, and without researching it. Now Google is big tech. The biggest of tech. Whilst they don't have social media, I think bandwagoners could very easily put them in the same basket as Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Could Brave/BAT be marketed at this demographic to increase usage? Something along the lines of... "You want to get back at Google? Use Brave! They don't track your every move, they block ads, and they PAY YOU to browse! That'll send a message to big tech!!!" (Obviously actually a more well thought out marketing message, not a shill you see at 3AM on a TV ad.) "Get paid to stick it to Google". "Take your privacy back" There were 74 million people who voted for the party I'm thinking might be interested in sticking it to Google. Even 1/7th of that moving to Brave is a good start ! Not trying to make it political at all, I just see a userbase who could genuinely see a big use for the platform. Do they have a big subreddits that could be posted onto?
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