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I thoroughly support Brave, but i will never touch anything involving Hasley Minor (Uphold).

Established in 2014, Halsey Minor is the founder of the exchange uphold, formerly known as Bitreserve. Now known to us as the only exchange we can withdraw and and exchange our BAT rewards to. Back in 2015, Hasley being the chairman, and a group of developers (most notably, Jimblasko), launched a project called "Voxelus". A VR game creation platform similar to Minecraft. Users could create their own games on this engine and buy in game items along the way in the form of "Voxels", its in game currency. This project was conceived during the height of the bitcointalk ICO craze and funded in just that way, ultimately raising 1225 bitcoin to fund their project. Very shortly after exchange listing of Voxels, the price quickly tanked well beyond its ICO asking price and never recovered. They rebranded the project to RevolutionVR and cut off all communication. There was never a final product and is no longer traded on any existing trading platform. This project was a total scam. At the time of the ICO the 1225 bitcoin was valued just over $500k and at todays rate puts it just above $43 million. No matter how much Brave grows. No matter how how much it's valued at, as long as Uphold remains the only intermediary, these things will remain being tipped to others and sitting on my devices. Uphold will never see any of my personal information, money, or cryptocurrencies. Their team took advantage of the emergence of virtual reality, the popularity of initial coin offerings using their names as the founder of CNET and popular developers known in the community, scammed bitcointalk users of their bitcoin and dipped. [1] [2] Sorry, this has been bothering me. Take this information as you will.
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