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I believe the BAT ecosystem has a critical missing piece - can we use Brave to fix it?

Edit: TL;DR Brave/BAT layers content creator (publisher) payments and content consumer (users) rewards on top of the existing web based ecosystem. However the web it builds on is balkanized into large collections controlled by monolithic entities like Google, Facebook, Medium, and others. The millions of users and and hundreds of thousands of publishers who are joining the BAT system are limited by the content discovery mechanisms that those monolithic entities provide. I believe Brave has a unique opportunity to leverage its existing exquisite knowledge of user browsing history and publisher rewards activity to recommend and highlight content from publishers that users will likely love and reward while preserving users privacy. The benefit of this is that publishers and users can be freed of opaque and proprietary content recommendation algorithms usually engineered to keep users on-site. They can once again create and discover content published on standalone websites completely under the control of the owner. No change in search algorithm change, or policy decision will make publishers disappear off the map and lose their livelihood. \----- Original post edited somewhat for clarity but still long: Today I was trying to explain to a STEEM advocate why I thought STEEM and the main STEEM powered website [Steemit]( (the name is a play on Reddit, get it?) are doomed as publishing platform. In the process of explaining all the problems I started to think about how the closed system of Steemit with it rewards for content publishers and also rewards for content consumers relates to the BAT ecosystem which also rewards publishers and consumers. In thinking about Steemit vs BAT the key difference is Steemit also includes hosting of content whereas BAT leaves content hosting to publishers be it on their own blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Medium, Reddit, etc. Because content is hosted within the STEEM system it was able to supply a content recom...
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Verizon #PayItForwardLive campaign awarded "Best campaign for redefining home entertainment" by Twitter Marketing. Brave is honored to have joined Verizon for this campaign to support small businesses. Thank you to everyone who tweeted awareness for #PayItForwardLive via Brave Ads!

Wow! ❤️ @Verizon's #PayItForwardLive campaign awarded "Best campaign for redefining home entertainment" by @TwitterMktg! Thank you to our community for tweeting about #PayItForwardLive via @brave ads,...