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Huge Discrepancy Between DAU, Monthly BAT Purchases & Reward Payouts.

Starting this off by saying I'm a BAT holder and Brave Browser user for sometime. I've earned a lot of BAT and am bullish overall on the project. The point of this thread is simply to get answers to a question that is really bugging me. If anyone from the Brave Team, or if any users can shine some light on this, I would greatly appreciate it. Brave has 9.8 MM users, but only sold 360k BAT last month. This equates to about .04 BAT per user. Now obviously not everyone opts into ads, but call it 10% - that's 980k users. Now, even if the rewards are still from February, where they bought 800k, it's still less than 1 BAT per opt-in user per month. However, I'm getting like 15-20 BAT a month, and many others on here are also. This is a massive discrepancy, there is no way Brave is paying out that little average per opt-in user if many of us are getting 10+ BAT a month. So there's a few things it can be, but none of them are great. First is that the 9.8MM DAU are either largely fraudulent, or are international users from countries that have no payouts. I hope fraud is not the case, but it is suspicious. If they are international users, why is the uptick higher in countries where payouts are non-existent vs somewhere like the US where you get 10 bucks a month? Another idea is that Brave is basically massively subsidizing the BAT being paid out each month as an airdrop. This seems more likely as payouts seem way higher than .04 BAT per user. It would make sense for Brave to incentivize advertisers and users by inflating rewards, but it's not sustainable, and is actually a concern. In all, Brave has sold ~$4mm in ads since they started posting about them on Brave Transparency. It seems like there is a gap between what we're being shown through transparency and what is actually happening. If there's a benign answer, I'd feel great knowing what it is.
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