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How long does it typically take for a creator/publisher account to get verified?

I registered my (this) reddit account 3 days ago on the 9th I think, and it is still showing up as "Note: this creator has not yet signed up..." etc... I have seen some accounts claiming they registered 5 days ago, but all of them are still showing the same message. Can we get some data in here (or a link to an answer is even better) on people's experiences with how long it usually takes? There's also some redditor who claims to have registered his Github account on the 1st of august, but currently it still shows as unregistered (12th). Any experiences with other channels anybody? (Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Twitter etc...). I ahve verified my website, but I can't recall if that took any time at all. It was a while ago. Perhaps there's a big influx of new reddit users clogging up the pipes, perhaps I am doing something wrong, thought of a bunch of stuff but couldn't find any info. if any people are wondering - reddit tips are only showing up in the Brave Development Version. They will show up in the september update of the "Normal" Brave version.
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