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How essential to BAT is the survival/success of ETH?

Before I start, let me say I’m still a noob to BAT and crypto in general. I have a few thousands dollars of total crypto (the largest being BAT), so this isn’t life or death for me and it’s possible/likely that you should all ignore me. Based on what I do know, I really like BAT as a long term play and plan to stick around for a while. So my question: Do we not only need BAT to succeed, but also ETH? I saw this other post linked below. I’m not asking if there is any validity to it, it doesn’t really matter and I don’t really care. But it got me wondering if BAT risk also lies with ETH. BAT (or any crypto) could fail for a number of reason, but are ETH based coins at double risk? Meaning, could BAT/Brave do everything right, but potentially crash if ETH were to fail? To be clear, I’m not asking for thoughts on where ETH will go. I’m saying IF ETH were to stumble hard, how big of a problem is that for BAT?
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